A serious website for a group of experienced trial lawyers. 
DAK Lawyers Website

Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP are experienced trial lawyers who limited their practice to commercial litigation in 1993. The firm has grown steadily since then and continues, as it started, as barristers-at-law. Their practice is exclusively devoted to court-related law and flourished because of the results-oriented approach adopted by every member of their team.

They asked me to design a logo that was classic, simple, professional and bold. They wanted it to “look like a law firm logo” without any bells and whistles. I decided a simple wordmark would work best to reflect this. Once the logo was designed, they asked me to develop their website and have the clean and professional visual identity carried through to it. It needed to highlight their lawyers and the experience they all bring to the table.

The expertise of their lawyers is disproportionate to the modest size of the firm. Strength is in quality, not numbers, and this logo and website let’s that shine through.