A campaign for a not-for-profit organization where the lights stay on for those in distress… 24/7.
Distress Centre Durham Lights Stay On Campaign

Distress Centre Durham helps people in distress to cope by providing emotional support, crisis/suicide management and community education.

For many people, coping is most difficult during the evening and overnight. This is why Distress Centre Durham’s helpline operates 24/7. For 2014, the staff and Board of Directors of DCD want to bring the important work they do at night to the public’s attention. The executive director approached me to develop a year-long donation campaign focused on highlighting the importance of providing services overnight. The strategy behind the campaign is to present the information in an eye-catching, interesting format with clear and simple copy. I developed “Our Lights Stay On” as the campaign headline and researched an image which is visually supportive of the headline. The key message about the importance of the DCD remaining open overnight is clearly evident.